Selçuk Gürez

Selçuk started his sufi journey in 1988. He studied and learned to play the ney with Halil İbrahim Yunga and started whirling with his Mevlevi sheikh Nail Kesova. Selçuk took Classical Turkish Music classes with the famous music master Kani Karaca. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with many sheiks and music masters.

Selçuk became a member of the International Galata Mevlevi and Music Ensemble in 1990. He has taken part in many international festivals and workshops as a director, chief ney (turkish reed flute), and kudüm (rhythm instrument used in turkish classical music) player. He is also a vocalist/soloist in Mevlevi order ceremonies. Selçuk has taken part in over 250 international festivals and education seminars all over the world.

Since 1995, Selçuk has been making turkish reed flutes in his workshop as well as teaching ney classes  and giving whirling lessons. He is still an active member of the Galata Mevlevi and Sema Ensemble and is now organizing retreats and workshops under the name Sufihouse with his wife Senem Gürez.