Senem Gürez

Senem started her body awareness journey with deep tissue and trigger point massage training from Tattiana Rottenberg in 2005. After getting her massage therapist license in 2008, she met Betül İpekçioğlu, a Feldenkrais and body awareness therapist. She attended Betül’s Feldenkrais workshops and trigger point trainings. Betül has been her inspiration since they met.

Senem wanted to deepen her understanding body awareness and to create a newer field where people can explore their own awareness, so she enrolled in the Bones For Life program. With inspiration from this education, she started organizing ‘Earth to Sky / Body to Soul’ retreats with her husband Selçuk Gürez. She is still enrolled and continuing her education in the Bones For Life program. Additionally, she gives personal therapies to children and adults in Fethiye, Turkey.