Whirling and Body Awareness Workshop/ Sema ve Bedensel Farkındalık atölyesi

Benefits of Sufi Whirling

Date: 11 Jan 2019

Location: Unknown

1.What are the benefits of Sufi Whirling? 

Helps us to connect body and spirit. Brings us closer to the creator..help to revitalise our energy.

2. can only the mevlevi dervishes whirl?
Although in the traditional ritual it is a zhikir that the mevlevi dervishes are making nowadays many people around the worls get a chance to experience whirling.

3.Do I have to be experienced?

No, you will have a chance to get this experince.

4. I’m scared of nausea and head spinning..
Everybody is diffeent, some can experience it at the beginning stage, some don’t. It’s possible to get over it with some techniques.

5. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit

6. Is there a preperation necassery?

Reading about Rumi (Mevlana) and the Mevlevi order. Preparing the body and the mind through meditation would be helpful.

7. What kind of music is being used?

The Mevlevi’s have mevlevi ritual music composed in different modes . Beside that there are some sufi musicians music and tekhe music can be used.

8. What is Meshk music?

We can say it is the music that the dervishes performed in the tekhes where they used to meet regularly to make music, have sohbets (Talks) and dhikr.

9. Wil I be able to whirl?